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The Standard Group is a corporate "think tank" with over a century of combined experience. The members of the Standard Group have extensive experience in finance, marketing, media relations, commodity distribution, information procurement, international relations, sports marketing, and a wide variety of topical issues. In addition, the group can also provide a substantial amount of political and government operations advice, if asked.

The Standard Investment Seminar

Learn finance the way the Donald Trump and Bill Gates learned it. Lie cheat and steal your way to wealth and success. Practice these techniques on your close friends in a safe and monitored setting.

Our program has been adjusted to recognize the needs of today's busy executives. Our seminars now cover a wide range of topics, rather than just financial strategies. 

A typical weekend retreat consists of the following schedule: 


Morning/Modern Executive Networking Techniques-Learn the successful methods of business negotiation, how to handle stress, getting a grip, and keeping your drive alive. Location: Priest Lake Golf & Country Club 

Noon/Power Lunch Strategies-Discover how to maintain your decorum while talking with your mouth full. Location: Nordman 

Early Afternoon/Self Defense for Today's Executive- Practice the time-tested techniques of successful ATF agents. Location: North Idaho Family Amusement Park and Firing Range 

Late Afternoon/Opening Financial Session: Securing Your Financial Future In Spades. All Financial Sessions located at the Steamboat Bay Conference Centre 

Meal Time/Steak Dinner on the Veranda just outside the Centre 

Early Evening/Evening Financial Session #1: The Art of the Deal. 

Later/Evening Financial Session #2: Betting Against Your Competition. 

Even Later/Evening Financial Session #3: Getting Lost in the Shuffle. 


Eye Opener/ Breakfast on the Veranda 

Early Morning/Morning Financial Session #1: Coming Back From Ruin. 

Late Morning/Morning Financial Session #2: Finding New Friends You Can Trust In Today's Cutthroat Business Environment. 

Noon/Wrap Up: Economic Reasoning-How to Explain Your New Economic Reality to Family Members. Location: Kelly's Tavern/Newport, WA 

As you can see, there is a wealth of information at these seminars. best of all, there is no set registration fee. The retreat is supported by free will donations from selected participants in each session depending on their understanding of the strategies discussed.

The seminar is held every Fall. Get your reservation requests in soon! Watch this space for Retreat Schedules and registration information or contact the Standard Group today.
If you would like to engage the consulting services of 
The Standard Group
, please drop us an e-mail.
 Any of the above listed members can help you.
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Standard Lunch
Now in it's 20th year, Standard Lunch is the premiere Friday afternoon place to be. This free-flowing, brainstorm, idea session is held every Friday at Noon. The location: The world famous Bulldog Tavern on the Gonzaga University Campus in Spokane, Washington. Grab a table nearby and listen in on some of the futuristic commentary that shapes America now and tomorrow. The Standard Group is your host and the advice is available at a nominal fee.


 Standard Golf
Standard Golf is the ability to play your own rules on your own course at any time you please with whatever rules you determine are appropriate. Standard golf is usually played in the very early morning hours, before reasonable and sane people arise. All guest golfers are required to read the
Standard Golf Rules before you are allowed on the first tee. 

These are the rules that govern the Standard Investment Seminar tourney every year. A better understanding of these simple concepts can increase your chance of winning and better enjoyment of the game.



Members of
The Standard Group are:

Al Gilson
Mike Thompson

Mark Kroetch
Paul Delaney
Mike Lopez
Michael Egan Shea
Pat Cadagan


Esteemed Colleagues of The Standard Group include:

Trish Mullarkey
Mary Livingston
Father Amend
Bryan Hulsizer
Admiral Sean Ambort
Kendall Krebs
Mike Bradley
Guy Gregory

Michael Stepanovic
Joseph Padrig Treefry
Irish Mike Melville